Creating Your Dream Team

Creating Your Dream Team Every car wash owner wants their operation to run like a dream. Before that can become a reality, you’ll have to assemble the “dream team”. Hiring right is where it all starts. And to hire right, you must have a detailed job description for all key positions. When used correctly, job […]

Cleaning Up the Car Wash Image

Cleaning Up the Car Wash Image What kind of reputation does your car wash have online and in your community? A quick Google search and check of is a good place to start. Common customer complaints include long lines, incomplete drying, high price, hurried or rude staff, and sloppy interior detailing. While all complaints […]

3 Keys to Creating an Exceptional Organization

3 Keys to Creating an Exceptional Organization Exceptional organizations are created by exceptional people. But it’s not as simple as “finding” the right people to run your car wash. Experts in management agree there are three key areas to focus on: hiring, training and management. Excelling in these areas will result in optimum productivity and […]

Doing Discipline Right

Doing Discipline Right Every manager wishes there were no need for employee discipline. But just as children need discipline to grow, so do most workers. Even the most exceptional managers are not exempt from having to establish and maintain discipline. In fact, exceptional managers know that having a process for progressive discipline is critical to […]

Hey, Coach!

Hey, Coach! For many sports teams this year, pre-season training has been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet no player or team — from junior leagues to the pros — improves without continual training. The same goes for your car wash team. Just as athletes repeat the same drills, over and over, so your team […]

How Your Training Programs Can Be More Effective

How Your Training Programs Can Be More Effective Could your business benefit from a better management development program? Most likely, yes! But first, you’ll want to conduct a thorough assessment of the current state of management. In other words, get a diagnosis before prescribing a cure! A management assessment should address three primary areas: skills, […]

How to Make Your Business a ‘Learning Organization’

How to Make Your Business a ‘Learning Organization’ Why it’s important to invest in continual training Is your business a “learning organization”? Continual improvement is essential to growth. If you’re not continually training your people, your business will not survive. Money invested in training is not a “soft dollar” investment. Effective training should have measurable […]

Meet the Hiring ‘Matchmaker’

Meet the Hiring ‘Matchmaker’ Using Behavioral Assessments to Hire Right There’s a vacant position in your organization that needs to be filled, but how can you be confident in the person you pick? A well-conducted interview will reveal much about the candidate. And yet, how do you really know if someone is “right” for the […]

Interviewing 101

Interviewing 101 Tips & Techniques For Conducting a Successful Interview Does conducting an interview make you sweat as much as the job seeker? Maybe you haven’t prepared as well as you should. It’s important to have an organized plan in place for interviewing. This will enable you to gather all of the information you need […]