Specializing in Car Wash Training and Consulting for Over 20 Years

At Brink Results, we provide car wash training and consulting solutions that help organizations solve problems in the areas of growth, productivity, and profitability.

Brink Results exemplifies:


Meet the Brink Results Founders

Brink Results was co-founded by Steve Gaudreau and Jacquelyn Bridge, nationally known and celebrated for their work improving the hiring, training, and management practices of dozens of the top car wash companies in the U.S.

Together with a team of car wash consultants and trainers, Brink Results works to bring the knowledge and experience of large corporations to small and medium-sized growing companies throughout the country.

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Steve Gaudreau - President

Steve is the President of Brink Results, and a 25-year car wash industry veteran, author of the books “Creating Exceptional Managers” and “So You Want to Own a Car Wash.” Steve has been consulting, training, writing, and speaking on car wash management for over 2 decades.

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Jacquelyn Bridge – CEO

Jacquelyn is the CEO of Brink Results and an expert in the areas of organizational consulting, systems development, recruiting process improvement, management assessment, and all levels of employee and management training. She has been in the field of car wash training for nearly 2 decades.