We provide customized organizational car wash consulting, both short term and long term, to the car wash industry. Our consulting agreements are customized to the client’s needs and budget. Many of our clients request year-long agreements with monthly visits to their wash.

Our organizational car wash consulting services include:

Car Wash Organizational Assessment

Strategic Car Wash Business Planning

Organizational Restructuring

Car Wash Management Recruiting & Training

Car Wash Ownership & Management Development

Car Wash Employee Development

Improving Car Wash Site Appearance

Car Wash Organizational Assessment

Our car wash consulting experts assess your organizational structure, systems, policies, procedures, current training processes, key management, and overall operating efficiency.

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How it works:

Every written document that currently exists regarding the operation of the car wash is reviewed at the beginning of the visit.

We visit the locations, study current operations, interview all managers and some employees, and determine the areas for improvement, as well as areas of success.

We review the goals for the organization and determine what changes might be necessary to accomplish your objectives.

A  strategy for management is created that considers the management involved, as well as the systems needed.

A  verbal assessment is delivered and discussed face to face at the end of the on-site visit.

The next steps to begin the implementation of this information are then provided in recommended order.

Work is agreed upon and the start date is determined.

Strategic Car Wash Business Planning

We guide you through the steps to grow your company through market analysis, corporate structure, and maximum profitability. We’ll identify your professional and personal goals, desired markets, and company mission.

The comprehensive strategic car wash business plan will include:

  • Mission statement
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Company objectives
  • Key tasks to be accomplished
  • Timeline

Once the scope of your company’s car wash business plan is defined, our car wash consulting experts will craft a tactical organizational plan. This will outline:

Defining the organizational structure on site

Creating the structure and job descriptions of all operational positions above the site level

Detailing the plan for when the key positions above the site level will need to be filled

How these key people will be trained and managed with a clearly defined chain of command

Organizational Restructuring

Determining workflows within your organization is key to identifying processes and procedures that need to be created efficiency and efficacy.

Our consultants will assist ownership and management, mapping the workflow within your organization to find gaps and areas of improvement. Managers are then trained on any newly developed procedures and coached to excellence.

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Car Wash Management Recruiting & Training

Do you need an operations manager, a district manager, or a VP of operations?

We recruit key management and create a customized training program, which enables the recruit to return to your location with the fundamentals necessary to run the business.

We will recruit a candidate outside the organization who is capable of handling the size company that the car wash is going to become in the next 12 to 18 months. We send that person to car wash schools, train them off site at a Brink Results’ client and then train them on your site.

Through it all, we will coach your car wash ownership on how to get the results they want through managing a higher-level person, including developing an effective path of communication between ownership and management.

Car Wash Ownership and Management Development

We provide your car wash company with the organizational systems, training, and consulting needed to develop and increase revenue, as cost-efficiently as possible.

We’ll help your organization conduct more effective meetings.

The primary purpose of holding team meetings at a car wash is to improve the services to the customer. Our consultants come on site and coach your managers how to hold meetings that are interactive and effective.

We’ll have several follow-up conference calls.

Management development doesn’t stop with the end of the training program. Our consultants schedule follow-up phone calls with management after each training implementation. During these calls, we can also help solve any employee issues during the program.

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Car Wash Employee Development

After identifying the potential managers and leaders in your organization, we can create a training/coaching program that will help increase their opportunities for success.

ProScan® Certification and PDP Survey

Unlock the potential of your employees with the ProScan assessment survey. We provide training and consulting utilizing PDP® methodology to improve the effectiveness of the recruiting function. Our car wash consulting experts will…

Train and certify key individuals in your organization to be able to work with all elements of the PDP system.

Install Job Models for various positions at the wash.

Develop a company-specific recruiting process and train all managers above the site level on this process. This process includes defining the media and ads used to attract the candidates who fit the Job Model, the interviewing techniques, and selection criteria.

Car Wash Employee Performance Reviews

Conducting effective performance reviews helps to identify an employee’s weaknesses and strengths, as well as give opportunities for improvement and skills development. Our consultants teach ownership/management the process to use in order to promote better communication with their employees through consistent and effective performance reviews.

Car Wash Employee Incentive Programs

We customize incentive programs for all levels of your organization, including management. We customize our incentive programs based on your company values. We work with your current level of dollars per car, damage claims, memberships, etc., to design an incentive program that will help motivate your personnel.

Improving Car Wash Site Appearance

Our car wash consulting experts visit your site and work with the owners and managers on identifying those areas of the property that need to be improved upon and creating a checklist for improvements.

We’ll help your organization conduct more effective meetings.

We’ll develop processes that will be used on an ongoing basis to further the development of a clean, neat, and pleasant location for customers to visit.

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