"Happy Thanksgiving from the Express Car Wash Colorado Family. We are so thankful to have partnered with the Brink family. With 2020 being so unpredictable and worrisome for so many, we have all kinds of things to be thankful for. We have learned that with the right attitude, proven systems, and proven advice anything can be done. Where other people have struggled to survive or have lost their business we have doubled in volume and memberships in just 5 months. Where others wondered what to do, we have had a clear path. None of this could have been done without you guys. Thank you for making this possible. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much. We look forward to next year being part of the Brink family."

"Patrick, I would like to thank you and the team at Brink Results for providing excellent consulting to SpeedWash over the past few years. Your personal commitment to making our washes a success continually exceeds our expectations. Year after year our team has not only learned from Brink Results, but also grown.You have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment you began consulting with us. Your enthusiasm and dedication to providing SpeedWash with timely and efficient solutions has made the decision to work with Brink Results well worth it. Not only have we increased our revenue through monthly memberships and higher volume since we started working with you, but the elevation in the management staff’s abilities has been immeasurable. In the two-and-a-half years we have been working with you we have seen our monthly memberships grow. For example, one location grew to over 5,000 memberships.Total volume increased by 75,000 cars to over 300,000 cars annually. Another example is at a new location we were able to sign up 1,800 memberships the first month. We at SpeedWash are very satisfied and happy to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship."

"l the investments we have made in our two companies in the past few years, none have been more effective and valuable than engaging with Brink Results. They have provided value to every level of both our organizations. Jackie’s expertise in organizational structure and personnel issues has been invaluable. A few examples of how we have utilized Brink Results include: The restructuring of two companies, hiring personnel, organizing and streamlining our leadership strategy, organizing our office structure, training our employees, formalizing performance goals, holding employees accountable with periodic reviews, and communicating more effectively. There is no one who has a better handle on the car wash industry than Steve. His knowledge and insights have helped us strategically organize and implement our growth plans as well as set up our washes to maximize profitability.Of all the things I value from Brink Results, the most valuable contribution to our organization is critical thinking.They have helped us look inward and recognize our shortcomings. In my life I have learned I experience the most personal growth when I feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to sit back and do the same old things that got you where you are, but successful leaders allow others to provide feedback, guidance and support. Simply put, Brink Results will make you better no matter what problem or issues you are having.They are honest and frank and sometimes tell you things you don’t want to hear. The feedback has allowed us to shore up deficiencies and become a better organization. I say this with all sincerity. If you are considering whether or not to utilize their services, I would encourage you to do your due diligence as you should. However, I cannot give a stronger recommendation for the work that they do. Whether you need help with company structure, strategic planning, recruiting, hiring, training, or even personal advice, they can help. You and your company will be better for having invested your time and money with Brink Results."

"Brinks and Co have been an amazing resource to Express Wash Concepts. Their approach to hiring and training is the key to success. They have single handedly made more millionaires in the car wash business than any other firm!"

"Jackie and I have known each other for several decades (ouch!). When she started consulting with me, I was a relative rookie in the car wash industry. For me, Jackie has been a great mentor. Starting with improving on my shortcomings, and then helping me hone my strengths, she taught me in our one-on-one meetings how to continuously improve myself. I found our sessions so helpful, that as I grew Sonny’s, I used Jackie’s services to work with my management and executive team to do the same. For years she met monthly with my direct reports and those under them as well. To say she has been helpful would be a terrible understatement. After all, with that team, Sonny’s has become the largest in the world at what we do!"

"Patrick/Jon, Thank you so much for being behind us every step of the way during our company's growth. Brink Results has given us a clear path and has laid out a step-by-step process that is simple and easy to follow. Their knowledge and guidance have proven successful in every aspect as we continue to grow. We have used just about every program they have, and in just a few short months each wash has turned into a smooth operating machine. There are too many good things to say. If you want to take your wash to the next level and are willing to put in the work, give Brink Results a call. As they say, it will be life changing. The only thing I would change is finding Brink Results sooner."

"Scrubby’s Car Wash has enjoyed a two year relationship with Brink Results. During this time, Brink Results has assisted our businesses with all facets of procedure, process, and policy. These contributions have allowed our company to grow rapidly and become more efficient. The professionalism their staff displays along with years of experience is what keeps us coming back!"

"Jackie Bridge from Brink Results has been instrumental in working with our Executive Managers and Supervisors in a coaching capacity. Jackie works with our managers in utilizing PDP ProScan® surveys to aid us in recruiting and employee development. PDP is a great tool that quickly enables us to match applicants to the job model we create in the PDP system. We also utilize PDP to develop current employees within their current roles; it provides our managers with information regarding employees’ communication styles, motivators and natural behavior styles. This helps them to understand their team, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction."

"Since 2012, I have engaged and worked with the principals and staff at Brink Results on several projects. I have found their insight and training, especially in the area of recruiting and interviewing, to have had a tremendous impact on our financial performance. We have found the ProScan® to be a tremendous tool to match people to the jobs in a more scientific method as compared to how we were doing it before. New hires perform better and we have a lot less turnover. Count us as a super satisfied client!"

"We are much better off because of your help 🙏 Steve, Wanted to say a few things. Patrick & John were amazing, very disciplined & effective. Their training was amazing. I attended the training sessions on Wed, Thur & Friday mornings and Wed afternoon at Clifford. On Saturday I went to one of my locations and signed up 2 fast passes in 45 minutes and really enjoyed using the script. Thanks again for everything and all your help."

"As a CEO and owner, I hired Brink Results to help guide me through the steps to grow our company. They were able to effectively implement systems, structure, and processes needed for us to keep up with our company growth. They facilitated the recruitment and training of key managers, which ultimately resulted in an increase in unlimited wash sales. I am thankful for their relentless dedication as they were able to provide one-on-one coaching to personally develop my skills to lead our fast-growing company."

"Jacquelyn, Thanks for thinking of us. Appreciate the opportunity to share our experience. When it comes to hiring, training, and coaching team members it often feels like a very gray topic. While we knew it didn’t have to be, we weren’t sure how to go about creating a process or system that improved decision-making for our managers and leaders. As we dove into these questions, we were blessed to come across Brink Results. Steve, Jacquelyn, and their team are excellent to work with. Through their training programs we were able to build job profiles that assisted in sourcing the right applicants that fit the roles that we were looking for. Next, they helped train our teams on how our behavior styles impacted how we act and interact with each other. Knowing each other's communication styles, helped us identify behaviors in each other, applicants, and customers that made us better coaches, leaders, and ultimately, better people. Lastly, we worked with them on team building. While we were hiring people that matched the positions, it did not mean they would work well with the others on that team. Looking analytically into teams that were successful and those that were not helped us understand at a deeper level what we wanted and needed for our team. Again, Brink Results brought clarity to a grey topic. They helped us create a blueprint for facilitating successful hires, successful coaching, and successful team building."

"I have worked with the principals of Brink Results in the area of recruiting and selecting applicants for a variety of positions. The survey that they use to create Job Models is called a ProScan®. I had never heard of it until they introduced it to me. Both this survey and the training around it they provided has helped us match people to our job openings a lot better and it has improved the initial performance of new hires. As a result, our retention of good employees has significantly improved. I would recommend their services to any Human Resource professional."

"For over 20 years, the team at Brink Results has helped us in so many ways, from developing production procedures for our entry level employees to providing sales training for our service advisers as well as recruiting and coaching key members of our management team. We have used the ProScan® surveys they employ for recruiting as well as ongoing management development and found them very helpful. I would recommend them for any task that involved internal training of any level of employee or management."