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Car Wash Training and Consulting

Welcome to Brink Results!

We provide car wash training & consulting solutions that help car wash brands solve problems in the areas of growth, productivity, and profitability.


Car Wash Training Services

Are You Struggling with…

High employee turnover?

Ineffective or non-existent processes for recruiting, hiring, training, communicating, and sales?

Low monthly memberships?

Frequent equipment issues that impact production?

You Aren’t Alone

We see far too many good wash owners fall behind when they could be acquiring more locations, building their defense against competition, and being proud of how well their organization is being run instead of being frustrated.

Your goals are 100% possible, and we’ve got the systems to get you there.

Organizational Growth

Higher Counts

Improved Productivity

With over 80 years of car wash industry experience combined with state-of-the-art organizational development tools, we make all of this possible.

WashCourse Online Car Wash Education

Save time. Increase your effectiveness. Reduce turnover.

WashCourse is an online car wash training course for customer service attendants and managers. These online car wash training courses cover…

Car wash employee training

Car wash customer service training

Car wash technician training

Car wash sales training

Car Wash Training and Consulting

Take your car wash brand to the next level. Brink Results offers comprehensive car wash consulting services in the following areas…

Car Wash Site Selection Assessment

When acquiring new locations, you want to be sure the multimillion-dollar decision makes sense. Brink Results can help no matter your goals.

• Building a car wash? Increase your new-site success rate with comprehensive input on your car wash business plan.

• Purchasing a wash? Have one of our experienced consultants conduct a car wash site analysis during your car wash site selection process.

• Own a car wash? Have our experienced car wash consultant conduct an organizational assessment and car wash SWOT analysis to determine opportunities for improvement.

Car Wash Management Consulting & Coaching Services

Want to improve your organization? Finding it difficult to bring clarity to every function in the organization? Ready to develop your team? Our coaching covers…

• Organizational Assessments

• Strategic Planning

• Existing Processes and Procedures

• Management Development at All Levels

Our expert car wash consulting team has the industry experience and knowledge to assist you. Call us to find out how you can develop a car wash business plan to prep your business, develop your people, and achieve your desired results.

Together with a team of experienced car wash consultants and trainers, Brink Results works to bring the knowledge and experience of large corporations to small and medium-sized growing companies throughout the country.