Meet the Hiring ‘Matchmaker’

Meet the Hiring ‘Matchmaker’

Using Behavioral Assessments to Hire Right

There’s a vacant position in your organization that needs to be filled, but how can you be confident in the person you pick? A well-conducted interview will reveal much about the candidate. And yet, how do you really know if someone is “right” for the job?

Compatibility is key—and not just with the team. The person must be compatible with the position. Different jobs require different traits and temperaments. Using a behavioral assessment during the interview process will help your organization make successful hires—people who will have higher satisfaction in their jobs and stay with the company longer.

Before Interviewing Candidates

An exceptional hiring manager will take the time to determine not only the hard skills required to do a job, but also the character traits someone would need to possess to be successful in that particular position. For example, highly successful managers, in addition to being organized and reliable, genuinely enjoy interacting with people.

So…how do you find out if a job candidate has what it takes to succeed beyond the “nuts and bolts” of the job? Enter the matchmaker: behavioral survey tools.

At Brink Results, we use a proprietary behavioral scanning system, the Professional DynaMetric Program® (PDP) survey tool. It’s designed to help organizations reveal the unique ways each person contributes, communicates, co-operates, and interacts.

As part of the hiring process, using the PDP Proscan® tool helps employers match people to jobs they will be good at—and enjoy. When employees are happy, customer service improves and retention rates rise, positively impacting your organization’s bottom line.

Getting Started with Proscan®

Behavioral assessment tools have been around for decades, but Proscan uses advanced technology that PDP calls “the science of understanding people.” Using predictive analytics, Proscan is able to “match” a job candidate against a predetermined profile of the type of person who historically has been successful in that role (the “job model”). The higher the match percentage, the more likely a person would thrive in that particular position.

As part of a robust interview process, Proscan can help tremendously in the selection process. Proscan also can be used as a tool for improving the performance of existing employees. By administering the survey to all employees within an organization, managers are able to assess how well suited each individual team member is for their job and then make adjustments, such as shifting assignments or roles, to improve productivity and morale.

The idea is to fully utilize each team member’s strengths. Doing so will positively impact organizational efficiency and culture, ultimately boosting your company’s bottom line.

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