New Year… New Talent!

New Year…New Talent!

Make a Resolution to Recruit Right

We all know that hiring better people produces better results! However, recruiting talented and motivated people to work in the car wash industry can be particularly challenging. Recruiting the right employees reduces turnover and increases productivity.

Are you ready to make a resolution to revamp your organization’s recruiting practices? Here are five tips to revolutionize recruitment and retention at all levels.

  1. The Manager Can’t Do It All
    In the car wash industry, store managers often wind up handling most human resources functions by themselves. A successful recruiting process is much too time consuming to manage at the store level alone. While store managers should be ready and equipped to address walk-in inquiries from potential employees, they cannot devote the time needed to do the initial screening of all applicants who respond to a well-advertised hiring campaign. Store managers need the support of a district or area supervisor, and if none exists, then an owner will need to step up to help.
  2. Partner Up
    Filling entry level positions, like production and customer service, is a constant challenge for car washes. However, managers should not hire everyone who walks through the door and asks for a job. A better way to source potential employees is to partner up with local high schools, vocational programs, or community colleges. One car wash owner cultivated these types of contacts, and the result was that 60 percent of his workforce now stems from those relationships with key administrators at local schools. This has created a steady source of potential, entry-level employees.
  3. Know What You Need
    How much thought have you put into what makes an employee successful at your organization, and in a particular role within the organization? A good ad will not only define the job, but also the type of person who would be best suited for that position. For example, in the car wash industry, production workers need to enjoy being outdoors in all types of weather. Therefore, a good ad might promote “fast-paced work outside”. When job candidates call for more information, it would be beneficial to ask them what outdoor activities they have participated in and how much they like physical exertion. A successful job advertisement also should define the purpose of the job and its key activities. Millennials, particularly, want to know the “why” of what they are asked to do. Think about the goals of the organization and write out how this position fits into a shared vision for success.
  4. Know Where to Advertise
    Which media outlets are best for recruiting good employees? The answer is, it depends on your market. Whoever is overseeing the recruiting process must be continually monitoring the effectiveness of advertising. Newspaper ads are no longer effective in a digital world. According to TheBalanceCareers, the top two websites for jobs are and LinkedIn ranks high for recruiting professional positions, and Facebook is also a powerhouse for connecting with the demographics your organization would like to reach.
  5. Change Your Mindset
    High turnover is NOT inevitable. Several years ago, Brink Results was contacted by a desperate car wash owner. Although he had two high-volume washes with high profitability, he was on the verge of calling it quits. Why? Turnover—at the rate of 217 percent! After a thorough analysis by the Brink Results team, several deficiencies were identified, starting with an inadequate recruiting and interviewing process. The business was advertising in the local paper and on Craig’s List without much success and relying mainly on walk-ins. There was no written job description, no list of traits or skills required for the desirable candidate, and no structured interview process. After addressing these detrimental omissions and making other culture and management changes, turnover dropped to 24 percent.

Does your recruiting process need a major revision? Brink Results can help make an immediate difference in your response rate, selection process, and employee retention. Better hires produce better results!

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