LOVE Your Job!

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Learn to LOVE Your Job Again!

As we approach Valentine’s Day, love is in the air… or maybe not when it comes to your relationship with your job. Is going to work each morning a pleasure, or has it become drudgery? If you’ve lost your enthusiasm, don’t despair.

There are ways to reignite those sparks from the “honeymoon.” In the spirit of love, we present inspiration in the form of four “complementary couples.”

ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES ♥ This might sound like relationship advice, but it turns out that boundary setting is also crucial to a healthy relationship with work. Taking the job home — and the associated stress — will manifest in mental exhaustion. It’s tempting to work on projects after hours or on weekends, but a lack of separation between work and “life” inevitably results in resentment. Don’t check work emails from home. Fully enjoy your time off so you will be refreshed and ready for innovation at work.

RE-ESTABLISH CAREER GOALS ♥ Think about why you’ve chosen your career path and how your current position will help further your long-term goals. Examine the ways your current job can help you springboard to greater achievements. What skills have you mastered, and what areas are yet to be mastered? Seek out training and experiences which will prepare you for the next level. Focusing on your personal goals will help you get the most out of your current opportunities.

LOOK AROUND ♥ Have a brainstorming session with your boss. If your talents are being underutilized, don’t be afraid to speak up. Perhaps you can redefine your role. Look around with fresh eyes at your company, examine its vision and write down ways you might be able to make a greater contribution to the business. Perhaps you can position yourself as an “internal consultant.” Finding opportunities to improve the efficiency of your organization might also improve your attitude toward work.

LOOK WITHIN ♥ It may seem your employer has let you down, but perhaps it’s time to review your own performance. Are you giving the same effort you once were? If you’ve lost motivation, ask yourself why. Could it be a lack of recognition or lack of purpose? Consider taking a personality test to discover what really motivates you. Then build motivating “rewards” into your workday. This could be something as simple as rewarding yourself with a 15-minute walk in the sunshine after finishing an undesirable task.

BECOME A MENTOR ♥ Look for ways to develop your leadership skills by mentoring others. Not only will you feel good about helping the next generation, your own knowledge will become solidified as you teach. If there is no one to mentor at the office, consider creating short videos about different aspects of your career that would be useful to anyone starting out in your field of work.

SEEK OUT A MENTOR ♥ While you may be an expert in many areas, you doubtless have other areas still to master. You should never come to a plateau in learning, professionally or personally. Being a lifelong learner means seeking out your own mentors and training opportunities to acquire new skills. Look for experienced mentors at the office, or go outside your four walls to engage with other professionals through industry associations.

PURSUE OUTSIDE INTERESTS Has your work life crowded out time for personal development? Boost your creative juices by cultivating hobbies and activities outside of the office. Explore anything that sparks your interest. You may find that painting, cooking or dancing on the weekends brings fresh energy to your workweek. While it may be unrelated to your career, an exciting, new activity may help you think more creatively in solving problems at the office.

PURSUE NEW OPPORTUNITY WITHIN ♥ If these tips don’t reignite passion for your job, it may be time to reevaluate your career path. However, before you jump ship, consider a change of position within your current organization. It could be your job is not an ideal match for your personality and competencies.

Brink Results offers expertise in training and consulting for managers and employees. A professional behavioral assessment can be an invaluable tool in discovering how your strengths and values “pair” with your current job.

Let Brink Results help you learn to love your job again! ♥