How Basic Equipment Maintenance Can Benefit Your Business

How Basic Equipment Maintenance Can Benefit Your Business

As car wash owners, operators, and managers we encourage our customers to wash their cars as part of their basic maintenance. We know that keeping cars clean will preserve the value of cars long term. As car owners, we understand things like regular maintenance and oil changes are imperative to the proper functioning of our personal vehicles. However, when it comes to the maintenance of our tunnel equipment, we can sometimes take a reactive approach; waiting for something to break down before we address it. We’d like to propose some ways you can bring basic maintenance into the forefront of your mind as a way to save money, increase production, and reduce costs long term.

Tip 1: Build a Database

If you can systematically monitor trends in your tunnel, you can begin to schedule repairs or maintenance at times that work for you. If the maintenance is scheduled, you run less risk of something breaking down when you have customers on site.

Tip 2: Monitor Task Completion

Owners and managers can make a point to monitor and perform routine checks on equipment and on staff attention to the equipment.

Tip 3: Make Maintenance Part of Your Culture

When you hire, or come back to work from the pandemic, make maintenance a priority. Talk to the team about implementing the basics early. Then, create an equipment accountability checklist for all the team members to be responsible for, not just the management. The more people on the team with the skills and knowledge, the less downtime you will experience. As always, the more training the better. Require equipment training at all levels in the company.

Tip 4: Set up a Zoom Meeting with Our Consultants

We are always excited to talk to people about maintenance, or training your staff about maintenance. Feel free to set up a call with our team to discuss the details.

Tip 6: Train Your Team on Basic Maintenance

If you or your team want a refresh on basic maintenance, use the Brink Results’ Basic Equipment Maintenance training to catch up and refresh your knowledge.

We have a full library of resources available and a team of experts on hand to answer questions. Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions or need advice.

Contact us today to learn more about implementing at your wash any of the above suggestions. (239) 334-1050