Hire Right.

The first step to creating a successful organization is to hire the right people whose natural behavior traits fit the behavior needed to perform the job. We help organizations determine the behaviors needed to produce the results for a certain position. After the job position has been assessed through our review and questionnaire process, we then assess the candidate.
Brink Results uses Professional Dynamic Programs® (PDP) as one of our core foundations for hiring, managing, and training. Our PDP ProScan® assessments help organizations to uncover the strengths and hidden potential in each of their existing or future employees. ProScan is a quick, 96% accurate, and EEOC compliant survey tool that helps employers to do what is best for the future growth and success of their organization.hire-right-word-cloud
Implemented throughout an organization, ProScan will begin to improve communications at all levels, allowing enhanced team interactions and communication between individuals from top to bottom.
ProScan reports measure the following behavioral strengths:

• An individual’s response to problems and challenges
• How someone may influence others to their point of view
• How patient a person may be and how they will respond to the pace of an environment
• How a person reacts to rules, systems, and procedures
• Energy resources (physical, mental, or emotional)
• Satisfaction level index
• Stress levels and energy drain
• Decision-making style
• Operational, leadership, and communication styles

Next, a Job Model can be created. This model allows the business to improve hiring by analyzing the behavior traits of each individual in a particular role as compared to the behavior traits needed to be successful in the job. Employers can use the Job Model to match employees to jobs that naturally suit them. Matching people to a Job Model helps employees grow with and remain in the organization resulting in:
• Increased hiring success
• Reduced turnover
• Greater retention
• Enhanced productivity & performance