Advertise to Attract Exceptional Talent

Advertise to Attract Exceptional Talent

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The image of the car wash industry has often been less than “sparkling”. This can make recruiting talented people a challenge. How can you create the type of ad that will attract the right kind of workers?

  1. Be Positive
    An upbeat ad will attract positive people. Be honest about what you are looking for, while putting a positive spin on the requirements. For instance, working at a car wash is best suited for individuals who enjoy working outside. The variableness of weather conditions could be seen as a drawback…or an adventure! A successful ad might say, “Hate being cooped up in an office? You’ll love our work!” Similarly, the fast-paced nature of working in a high-volume car wash can be advertised by saying, “You won’t be bored!”
  2. Know What You Need
    If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you are unlikely to hire the best person for the job. Before placing an advertisement, take time to thoroughly assess the skills and characteristics required for someone to be successful in the specific position you seek to fill. A job model should be created for every position within the organization from customer service attendants to managers. For customer service positions, that list should include being reliable, hard-working, mechanically inclined, detail-oriented, and good with people.
  3. Don’t Require Industry Experience
    While customer service or management experience may be important, previous experience in the car wash industry is not. It’s far more important that a person is friendly, cooperative, hard-working, and likes to learn. Car wash owners tend to value and take good care of their most exceptional managers, so there will not be a large pool of candidates with industry experience. Those who do bring industry experience may also bring bad habits from a poorly managed car wash. Design an ad that will pull in positive people with a good work ethic who have experience in any relevant industry.
  4. Show Them the Money
    Make sure you are advertising the things that typically motivate people who are seeking a new job. If you are able to provide a highly competitive salary, such as $40K to $50K for a manager-in-training, say so upfront. Also advertise opportunities for growth. Let potential candidates know that your organization values professional development and invests in training. Just as important as the requirements of the job are the benefits and opportunities your organization offers.
  5. Use Keywords Carefully
    Keywords are the words people use to search online for jobs that match their experience and interests. In order for a job posting to rank high in search engine results, it must have relevant keyword phrases. For example, “car wash manager” is too specific. Using a term like “manager-in-training” may get your ad in front of more relevant candidates. For most positions, you will want to look for someone with “customer service” experience and people who want “outside work”. Other important keywords tell the location of the job and the pay range. Brainstorm the most relevant keyword phrases for the position you are advertising, using competitor listings for inspiration. Additionally, there are many helpful tools available on the internet such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

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