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Organizational Assessments: What they are and why your organization needs one.

Sometimes you MagnifyingGlassREVEALknow things aren’t functioning as optimally as they could, but it’s too overwhelming to drill down and figure out what’s wrong, much less implement positive change. Inertia leads us toward continuous mediocrity instead of continuous improvement. This is true at the individual level, as well as the organizational level. How your organization operates is affecting its bottom line.

What is Organizational Assessment?

Think of it as a check-up for your entire organization. Organizational Assessment (OA) is a systemic review of the organization’s processes, work environment and structure. This is a high-level analysis aimed at identifying areas of strength, as well as opportunities for improvement. The assessment looks at how jobs are defined, how departments are organized, how teams work together and how processes are structured throughout the organization. In essence, an organizational assessment answers the question: “How are we doing?” It is a tool to identify areas of competence (what you’re doing right), areaBRIN1444 Photo_JackieLeadingGroups for improvement (growth opportunities) and areas of risk (what needs to change). The end goal is to implement a strategic plan which will positively impact performance and advance organizational goals.

Why conduct an Organizational Assessment?

At many stages of an organization’s development, it is necessary to reevaluate its mission, goals, effectiveness and future. An organizational assessment provides a systematic process for reflection and a compass for decision making. It can help leaders as they face decisions about strategic growth, programming, finances and staffing. Organizational assessments also are commonly used to provide stakeholders with information about the organization’s performance, to identify needs and challenges and to respond to a desire to change certain aspects of the organization’s mission, investments or effectiveness.

How does it work?

The process begins with professional consultation to identify current organizational challenges. This is followed by behavioral assessments administered at all levels of the organization, from top-level mangers to production workers. These behavioral surveys quickly and reliably identify individual strengths, motivators, stressors and leadership styles. Professional analysis will reveal correlations between behavior traits and performance.

Along with behavioral surveys, a comprehensive Organizational Assessment should include a study of the stated goals of the organization, its mission statement, job descriptions, organizational charts, manuals, operating procedures and other written documentation. Confidential, one-on-one interviews may reveal further organizational strengths and weaknesses. Interviews should be conducted with several representatives from each position within the organization.

What are the benefits?

The result of this in-depth discovery and analysis will be a plan. This is a roadmap for traveling from status-quo operation to optimized performance. The Organizational Assessment will show where things stand today and identify the steps necessary to successfully overcome organizational challenges. Following the suggested implementation plan will lead to continuous improvement, enhanced productivity and a more attractive bottom line.

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