New or Existing Site Assessments

Want to ensure that your acquisition of an existing car wash or the purchase of a site to build on can be successful?

Increase your success rate in purchasing a new site or existing car wash.


Want to be sure that this multimillion-dollar purchase makes sense?

Get our experienced car wash consulting expert to conduct a site analysis.

Want to decrease your chances of making an expensive mistake?

Contact us to discuss how our process works to help ensure your success!

How Our Assessment Process Works

  • A list of documents pertaining to the site are requested, reviewed, and analyzed before the site visit.
  • Visit the site, assess the surrounding area, and determine the feasibility of the project as is currently planned for.
  • Analyze the current state of car wash competition surrounding the site.
  • Review the goals of the business and determine the new or revised car wash model that will best accomplish your objectives.
  • Create a strategy for the car wash site that considers the local market, as well as the competition.
  • A complete summary is delivered and discussed face-to-face after the on-site visit.

Get Results!

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