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Customer Service Attendant (CSA) Basic Online Training

Do you Want Your CSAs to Be Consistent, Reliable, and Confident?


The online CSA Basic Training teaches CSAs how to excel at their positions. The course includes 11 modules designed to train CSAs on the basics of customer service, safety, products, and time maintenance. If you want to save time, increase effectiveness and created a culture of high standards, this training is for you.

The Course Includes Training On:

  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Tunnel and Lot Safety
  • Equipment Room Safety
  • Loading
  • Lot Maintenance
  • Chemical Product Knowledge
  • Equipment & Wall Cleaning
  • Opening Procedure
  • Closing Procedure
  • Final Exam
Online CSA Training Will
  • Save You Time
  • Increase Effectiveness
  • Reduce Turnover

At the end of this training, a Customer Service Attendant (CSA) can:

  1. Perform simple every day tasks that are necessary to keep the facility running well and looking good.
  2. Answer common customer questions about our services and operation.
  3. Be able to find basic tools and equipment that they will be working with every day.
  4. Be able to negotiate the property safely.

Does Brink Results' Online Car Wash Training Really Work?

Don't take our word for it...

Brinks has assisted our companies with all facets of procedure, process and policy. These contributions have allowed our company to grow rapidly and become more efficient. The professionalism their staff displays, along with years of experience, is what keeps us coming back!

Chase Howard
Vice President
Scrubby's Car Wash
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