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Car Wash Acquisition & Assessment Consulting

Do you want to be sure that this multimillion-dollar purchase makes sense?

With Brink Results' Consulting Services, you will increase your success rate when purchasing a new site or existing car wash. Our experienced car wash consulting experts conduct the site analysis to decrease your chances of making an expensive mistake, while increasing your chances of success.


This Could be the Biggest Decision of Your Life, Don't do it Alone

Our 7-step process helps ensure you're making a good decision and investment.

How Our Assessment Process Works

  1. Contact our experts for a consult. We can determine if your project will benefit from expert analysis. If you are a good candidate we will then:
  2. Request documents pertaining to the site to be reviewed and analyzed before the site visit.
  3. Visit the site, assess the surrounding area, and determine the feasibility of the project as it is currently planned.
  4. Analyze the current state of car wash competition surrounding the site.
  5. Review the goals of the business and determine the new or revised car wash model that will best accomplish your objectives.
  6. Create a strategy for the car wash site that considers the local market, as well as the competition.
  7. A complete summary is delivered and discussed face-to-face after the on-site visit.

A Brink Results Assessment Can Provide

  • Critical information to make a sound decision
  • Knowledge of what you will need organizationally, to be successful
  • Industry-knowledge advice that will help you avoid a potential financial mistake

Our expert consultants work for you. It's our job to make sure you make the best decisions for your business and your life.

I cannot give a stronger recommendation for the work that they do. You and your company will be better for having invested tour time and money with Brink Results.

Charles Howard
Vice President
Scrubby's Car Wash
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